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Release Preview v6.29

Release date: 19 Dec 2021


Introducing 'Original ETA' 

Original ETA is determined upon booking based on your configuration. It does not change even if the item is rescheduled, giving you an additional reference for measuring SLA compliance.

You will find Original ETA in several places in the platform:

As an additional information on the Items Page.

As additional filter on the Home Dashboard for the widgets: Overdue, Orders by Date and Counter Summary.

home dashboard widget.png

And as additional data in Reports: Item Snapshot and Item Activity Log

Enhanced Workflow for Single Orders

When using the Single Order wizard, you will be able to specify the Item Type and Custom Properties.

single order.png

Contact External ID

You will see new data in Reports pertaining to contacts

original eta in reports.png

New Address Book Features

The Address Book will have 2 new features: Authentication
and Communication Points  (more details in upcoming release).

contact id reports.png

The overall UI of the Contacts module is enhanced from its labels to its pagination and buttons. E.g., when validating an address, you can use the search box and locate the Searched location on the map.

address validation.png
address book.png

Continued Enhancements on Localization

For existing languages on the app, you will find more areas aligned with your local context including date formats.


--- End of release preview v6.29 ---

The release preview only includes changes in the UI (User Interface). It does not include new features and enhancements that require configuration. Watch out for the full release notes!

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