Optimizing Vaccine Distribution Through Technology

by Angelina Lim

It has been almost two years since the first COVID-19 case was identified. During this time we have seen the drastic impact of this pandemic, especially on the vaccine distributors. With a rapid increase in demand for vaccines, coupled with tighter border controls and regulations, increased shipping costs and overall urgency along the supply, the distributors are facing a plethora of challenges. These challenges are further exacerbated given the sensitive storage and temperature-controlled nature of vaccines. This just proves how crucial it is for technology to be all hands-on deck in the logistics sector.

Since March 2021, Zyllem has handled multiple shipments with thousands of invoices, where one invoice stands for hundreds and even thousands of vials of vaccines. With Zyllem’s experience with customers distributing vaccines within a stipulated deadline, our technology has been proven to be effective for customers to react swiftly towards unexpected occurrence.

With Zyllem’s powerful software, it is now possible for clients to track and trace in real time, starting from the dispatch of vaccine at the source warehouses going to the vaccination sites. This can be further enhanced by coupling tracking with SMS/email alerts to notify end consumers with delivery progress and ETA updates. The software is also flexible enough to model and track many types of exceptions and their workflows that may occur during the delivery process such rejection upon delivery, rerouting or rescheduling. Another benefit you can get from this feature is that it enables the warehouse team and driver to record the temperature as part of the delivery process.

Zyllem's core capacity is to enable you to model and configure your distribution network and delivery workflow, as well as planning and route algorithms to optimize delivery segments. This digitization provides a gateway to start measuring overall route performance and provide operational insights into your distribution business, allowing you to further improve and scale.

Zyllem understands the role that it plays in providing the ability for our customers to look at all their orders while planning swiftly in minutes so they can turn it over easily to dispatch. And this need to react swiftly cannot simply be resolved by the adding of manpower due to limited warehouse capacity.

This is where technology comes in. Without the presence of technology footprint, it will be a challenging task, especially during these difficult times. With this, Zyllem provides you with the technology that can assist you in standardizing, automating, and measuring the overall distribution network, enabling your users with more tools and insights at their fingertips.

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