Localizing User Experience

Did you know that more than 30% of the Asian market requires localization in their mobile apps?* Whether it’s a gaming app, a lifestyle app, or a business app, localizing content not only enables seamless experience but also allows you to build a deeper connection with your users.

As a SaaS provider with customers across Southeast Asia, Zyllem understands the importance of localized user experience. This year, we have added 3 new languages to our Zyllem Android app: Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, and Thai.

Apart from improving user productivity, we believe that localizing our app helps accelerate user adoption. For some of our customers, implementing Zyllem is their first step towards digitizing their logistics processes. Adapting to a new process alone already requires adjustment to both management and end users. Easing users into a new process by providing familiar context and personal comfort can help in the on-boarding stage.

For Zyllem, localizing user experience does not end with the app. You can also ‘localize’ specific contents of your web portal for the benefit of your back-office users. Our platform supports Unicode Character Sets, which means that you can define statuses, button names, custom properties, and contact names using localized text or characters.

Through these seemingly small but powerful capabilities, we hope to empower your business better.

Would you like to have Zyllem localized in your language? What else do you think can we do to enhance your experience? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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