Feature Highlight: Cash on Delivery (COD)

by Rhocela Pasigna

COD is here to stay In our engagements with enterprises across Asia, we find that COD remains a preferred payment method by many enterprise customers. In between pre-payment risks, late credit payments, online security concerns, or just the convenience and familiarity with cash payments, COD often comes as good middle ground for both B2B and B2C transactions.

Digitizing your COD processes Zyllem’s COD module allows you to incorporate COD transactions into your logistics processes. And just like other features of the Zyllem platform, this module is configurable, allowing you to weave in your own COD processes into your daily operations — from UI texts and labels to the types of e-wallets you can create for your different business units.

Let’s say, you have a team of Drivers who collects cash from your customers. Then a team of Cashiers who collects cash from Drivers. And finally, Managers who audit or generate reports pertaining to your COD transactions. This entire process can now be digitized and configured in Zyllem.

Zyllem COD Module

Digitize your COD process end to end

One of the most powerful aspects of the COD module, as with any Zyllem feature, is the level of configuration you can do with it — with no coding required. Configuration includes naming the custom property for your COD data, defining the texts and labels displayed on the app and web portal, requiring COD collection on your selected processes, and customizing instructions for your drivers. You can set COD collection as optional or required. Adjustable or non-adjustable.

Having different business units that take part in your distribution process requires different access rights and different functions on the web portal and app. The same is true for COD transactions. Zyllem handles this by allowing you to create different e-wallets and define rules governing their functions and user access.

Below is an example of an e-wallet that allows you to manually reconcile amounts that have been deposited by users to a bank.

Finally, all data that are generated from COD transactions can be extracted into a CSV file through Zyllem’s Reports module.

In the coming months, we will be adding new capabilities to this COD module. Watch out for new capabilities around cheque payments, view-only features, and more!

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