Feature Highlight: Planning Module

by Linh Phan

How long does it take to plan 100 stops? How about 1,000? 10,000? Add in vehicle constraints, odd sized items, preferred customer delivery time slots and multiple services.

It becomes exponentially harder and harder once your business scales, coupled with increasing customer demands and service complexity. This being one of the major pain points of our customers, Zyllem has been working very hard throughout the year on a feature that will be a game changer for the logistics industry as a whole.

Presenting the Zyllem Planning Module!

Route simulations on Zyllem Planning Module

After configuring your logistics process in our Zyllem Bridge, the Zyllem Planning module will take your current logistics segment and services and optimize the allocation based on your available assets. It takes into account the following factors:

  1. Vehicle constraints

  2. Size of items

  3. Preferred customer delivery windows

  4. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  5. Multiple services (e.g., Distribution combined with reverse logistics)

For example, we take in 300 stops across 15 assets, perform a hundred thousand calculations, and give you the ideal results in minutes. In the results you will have vehicle allocations and planned routes. Within each vehicle allocation, Zyllem’s In-Route Optimization will display the most optimal route to meet your SLAs. Furthermore, you can modify the results or do an auto-assignment with a click of a button.

We are continuously working closely with our customers on refining and enhancing this feature. Some sneak peeks include tweaking and comparison of different plans, additional optimization strategies, utilization of estimated vs actual data in machine learning and overall increased usability and performance.

Watch this space for future updates!

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