Zyllem Goes Live in Vietnam!

Innovation meets tradition as Zyllem goes live in Vietnam! Our customer has thoughtfully prepared this offering as they officially start their journey to digitization through our platform today.

Amidst a busy year-end with a full feature roadmap in our hands, our team at Zyllem is proud to have completed our biggest project implementation yet! Thanks to our customers—an equally amazing team in Vietnam—we successfully tackled the project in a span of three and a half months.

Cross-regional logistics network

With a logistics network consisting of multiple warehouses, different logistics processes, and multiple 3PLs, this is our largest enterprise customer yet. During the initial requirement gathering phase, we visited their warehouses to observe their operations and engaged with different business units to understand their functions, processes, and pain points. After configuring their processes into the Zyllem platform, we modelled an entire logistics network, complete with processes for last-mile and cross-regional deliveries that run across the North, Central, and South regions of Vietnam.

Full-on configuration with no coding required

Cold chain logistics, returns, handling cash on delivery (COD) and other processes were configured from top down with no coding involved — thanks to Zyllem’s Bridge module! Because of this, training sessions were a breeze and our customer was able to digitize each unique delivery process and exception. Route optimization and auto-assignment were activated for all drivers, covering several hundred unique routes. This was a game changer for our customer as it not only saved them hours of work from manual planning. It also eliminated route assignment errors.

Upholding business standards

As an industry leader, our customer adheres to gold standards to ensure that their service quality is no less than world class. As they step into digitization, upholding these standards is even more critical. Through Zyllem’s flexibility and user-friendly interface, SLAs were seamlessly weaved in to their processes. SOPs were successfully implemented to the different business units — from warehouse and delivery teams to customer service, finance, and management teams. Specific functions were made available to each business unit, enabling total control, transparency, and real-time visibility.

We are thrilled of this new milestone and we look forward to seeing our customers reach the peak of digital transformation.

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