Feature Highlight: Line Items

'Partial reject' scenarios are quite common in logistics—that is when a customer rejects certain items upon a delivery. It happens to any business with a logistics arm—items are damaged, wrongly packed, or qualify for exchange. In an increasingly customer-centric world, giving your customers the flexibility to ‘partially reject’ can be a key differentiator to your business. That is where Zyllem’s line item feature comes in handy.

Incorporating line items into your distribution processes allows for better traceability. But how do you digitize it and the processes that come along with it?

As one the most requested features of our platform, we rolled out support for line items along with other enhancements to support it. Zyllem’s line item feature allows you to:

  • Define custom properties for line items

  • Book orders with line items

  • View actions performed on each line item

  • Include line items in your ePOD docs

On the Zyllem app (left image below), you will have two levels of selection: the Item level and Line item level. Plus, an additional control lets you adjust the quantity of your line items through the (-) and (+) buttons! Line item selection can be enabled on any action in your delivery process. For example, you can disable it during “pickup” and enable it during “delivery”. Once you have submitted the action on the app, the information will be reflected on the web portal in real time (right image below).

Finally, if you have configured the system to generate ePOD documents, you can include the line item details, and even display the number of rejected items versus its total quantity.

Snapshot of a system-generated ePOD document with line items

More improvements are currently in the works for this feature — better user interface, configuration enhancements, and support for more complex scenarios.

Are there any capabilities you wish to add to the Line Item feature? Let us know by posting a comment below!

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