Microsoft and Zyllem Partner to Transform the Logistics Industry

by Rhocela Pasigna

SINGAPORE – Microsoft and Zyllem today announced the availability of Zyllem Enterprise on Microsoft Azure, allowing enterprises to fully digitize their logistics processes while achieving infrastructure compliance and utmost security.

The highly configurable Zyllem Enterprise can now be hosted in two deployment options—via Azure (public) and Azure Stack (private). Zyllem Enterprise is a logistics platform that lets you build, manage, and operate your own logistics networks that can consist of your 3PL partners, your own assets, or a combination of both (mixed distribution networks). The platform includes a portal for managing all your logistics operators—including planning, assigning, executing and handling exceptions—in one centralized platform, giving you full visibility and control over your operations. It also comes with an ePOD solution via a mobile app.

Digitization starts when you model your own supply chain processes into the platform. Zyllem lets you configure complex processes such as returns, redelivery and rescheduling, along with your own SLAs, POD processes, and delivery windows.

“It’s time for the logistics industry to stop playing catch-up with technology,” said Noam Berda, CEO, Zyllem. “Our experience in the field has shown us that while the rest of the world is fast evolving and digitization is driving new levels of customer expectation, companies in the logistics arena are constantly on their toes trying to keep up. They want to digitize and take control over their logistics but are not equipped with the right tools. Zyllem is designed to do just that.”

“If you happen to evaluate other logistics platforms in the market today, you may find that the capability to model your own processes is unique to Zyllem,” Berda added. “Plus, the platform is self-service. You can modify your processes at any time without impacting your productivity. Communications can be configured throughout the distribution process, allowing you to increase touchpoints with your customers. Zyllem supports integration with Microsoft Navision and various ERP systems. It also supports custom development solutions and complex integrations.”

While many companies want to be on board this digital transformation, some of them require their data to be on-premise. In global deployments, many countries have implemented certain policies on data sovereignty that prohibit certain data from leaving its borders. Through Microsoft Azure Stack, companies that need Zyllem can host their data in a private cloud with the highest standards of security and encryption. Recently, Microsoft expanded the availability of Azure Stack to 92 countries.

“We are very excited to become a globally approved co-seller for Microsoft,” said Marco De Lorenzo, Chief Commercial Officer of Zyllem. “Through this partnership, Zyllem’s vision of transforming the global logistics landscape through digitization comes full circle. We are looking forward to more collaborations with Microsoft and more opportunities to position Zyllem via the Microsoft network.”

“We have 100% confidence in running our logistics technology solution on Microsoft Azure platform. Its reliability, solid infrastructure, and 99.9 SLA are outstanding factors in decision making,” De Lorenzo added.

Pratima Amonkar, Director – ISV APAC, Microsoft, shared, “The opportunity in Asia Pacific is in digital transformation and I’m excited to see this in a dynamic and data heavy industry like logistics. According to IDC, digital transformation will add an estimated USD1.16 trillion to Asia Pacific’s GDP by 2021 so the ability to offer Zyllem customers the option of on-premise data hosting with Microsoft Azure Stack to stay compliant is how Microsoft empowers every organisation to achieve more. In fact, leveraging technology to make a real business impact and accelerate customer value shows that it is no longer an idea, but a reality. We see this partnership with Zyllem as transformative, much needed and critical to helping the logistics industry become future ready.”


About Zyllem

Zyllem is a Singapore-based software solution provider and developer of Zyllem Enterprise, a logistics platform for digitizing and managing logistics networks. Deployed via SaaS, Zyllem equips businesses with an intelligent, enterprise-grade platform that provides the control and visibility they need today. Its self-service features and integrated support gives enterprises the freedom and flexibility that traditional solutions cannot offer.

With its passion for innovation, Zyllem aims to bring technology that solves new and long-standing problems in the logistics industry. Its latest innovation on route planning can simulate traditional routes to dynamic routes with optimized loads, resulting in a projected average of 30% savings on last-mile delivery costs.

Today, Zyllem is used by Zuellig Pharma, the largest healthcare distributor in Asia; COURTS, the largest electronics retailer in Singapore; and Warehouse Logistics Net Asia (WLNA) Singapore’s largest cold chain network.

Contacts For Zyllem Media Inquiries: Marco de Lorenzo/Noam Berda, +65 67504779

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