Digitizing Your Documents

In logistics, one of the ways you can start digitization is by having a system that generates documents as deliveries are fulfilled in real-time.

Let’s say, you want to generate a consignment document every time a delivery is completed. The document must contain the recipient’s signature, the date & time of the delivery, and other details associated to that delivery. In addition, you want to attach these documents to the email communications that you automatically send to your customers.

All these can be configured in Zyllem. In fact, it is one of platform's most used features.

Here’s an example of this document (click on the image to enlarge).

This document was generated from a dynamic PDF template that contains fields that are mapped to the different properties of the delivery. Dynamic content is not limited to just texts. Zyllem allows you to include images such as the driver’s photo and the recipient’s signature that is collected through the Zyllem App.

You can include any artifacts in your document too. Artifacts are ePOD information that can be collected as part of your process. For example, you can collect e-signatures, photos, customer survey, cash-on-delivery (COD), etc. The sample image shows the driver's photo and the recipient's signature.

Using the feature

An easy-to-use interface in Zyllem's enterprise (web) portal lets you configure your documents in three steps:

Click to enlarge

Figure 1. Configuring dynamic documents in Zyllem

  1. Upload your template. Zyllem supports dynamic PDF documents. By uploading your own template, you can apply your own branding and use terminology that are relevant to you and your customers.

  2. Map your contents. Map your fields with the different variables of the system. These variables can refer to images or texts such as item details, sender & recipient information, date & time, driver name, 3PL information, and so on.

  3. Set the trigger(s). Once your template is mapped, you can set document triggers at any point of your delivery process. Email, SMS, and Broadcaster are other types of triggers that you can configure in the platform.

Aside from attaching the generated documents to your automated email communications, you can also download them from the enterprise portal.

Digitization is a gradual process. It requires patience and education. More importantly, it requires the right platform that will carry you through the process and not burden your business. Zyllem wants to help you take your first step towards this process. Through this feature, your documents are not only digitized. You also increase touchpoints with your customers with information that are timely and relevant to each delivery.

Image courtesy of Freepik

* Figure 1 is shown for illustration purposes only, and does not represent the user interface of the feature.

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