How Do You Orchestrate Multi-Segment Logistics Networks?

Zyllem conducts a workshop on how to orchestrate multi-segment and mixed distribution networks

Last week, we partnered with BVL International and conducted a workshop on orchestrating multi-segment logistics networks. BVL International is a non-profit organization that provides a neutral platform to help promote awareness and improvements to the logistics and supply chain industry.

The 1.5-hour workshop was attended by over 20 supply chain professionals who engaged in a productive discussion with our speakers.

Here are some of the highlights of the workshop:

Our Co-Founder and CCO, Marco De Lorenzo, discusses digital disruption and real issues in logistics management.

“Digitization has been a buzzword in the logistics industry for the last 5-6 years. Companies see the need to digitize but don’t know how to do it, or where to start,” said Marco.

Manual processes. Heavy paper works. The use of consumer messaging apps as business tools for communication. This is just scratching the surface of what really goes on behind a typical delivery process. When it comes to things like changing internal processes, most companies today would need to spend 8 months of planning for additional software customization. According to Marco, while most companies have built legacy platforms, the speed and complexity of the industry is changing. Legacy platforms cannot keep up with their needs anymore. "Zyllem addresses these gaps and tackles digital disruption through a platform that lets them build and manage their own logistics networks," he added.

This was followed by a demo of the platform that showed how enterprises can manage their own fleet and 3PL partners in one centralized portal.

Lisa Nguyen, our Head of Customer Success, engages the audience in a live demo of Zyllem Enterprise

Here are four key areas of demand that enterprises can achieve by partnering with Zyllem:

  1. Improved service quality

  2. Increased touch points to customers

  3. Increased driver compliance and

  4. Enhanced operational efficiency

Lisa took the audience on a journey of booking, assigning, fulfilling, and tracking deliveries using the Zyllem Enterprise Portal and the Zyllem App.

Benefits of Zyllem Enterprise

The power of flexibility

“All of your configurations are available in the portal. You don’t need coding skills to change a process or remove a button from the app,” said Lisa.

In a typical scenario, once a software solution has been implemented, your processes are almost cast in stone. “If you want to make changes after the solution has been implemented, you would be required to file a ‘Change Request’. Here, we give you the solution, and equip you with the tools for you to make changes at your own pace,” she added.

Digitized documents and communications

“What if I want to attach a document to a delivery?” was one of the questions raised during the demo.

“Zyllem allows you to attach any document to a delivery. I highly recommend that you start digitizing all of your documents from your purchase order to your normal communications such as reject forms,“ Lisa explained while showing the PDF file that was generated from one of the test orders. E-signatures and images can also be reflected in the documents.

Integration and custom development

Zyllem supports ERP integration, whether you are using SAP or require custom development. Current integration options include API, SFTP, and Shopify.

“Some of our customers push orders every minute through API integration. Once the driver presses 'Full Delivery' on the app, updates are pushed back to their ERP system and their Finance department will do a direct debit out of their customer's account,” Lisa added.

A great tool for 3PL providers

Lisa also added that Zyllem is a tool that your logistics partners can leverage on. “Zyllem not only helps you digitize your POD processes. We also help you with resource planning. In fact, current developments are being made around asset and route optimization features. So Zyllem is definitely a great tool for 3PLs to have.”

The workshop ended with Mr Johnny Teo of Zuellig Pharma, who not only shared their testimony of Zyllem but also engaged the audience in a productive round of Q&A. Johnny presented the four key strengths of Zyllem as 4Cs — Control tower, Customer service, Capabilities, and Customizable. Below is a video clip of this testimony.

Johnny Teo, Regional Category Manager, Zuellig Pharma, shares their testimony of Zyllem (view the the full 15-min video: Zyllem Success Story: Zuellig Pharma)

Zyllem would like to thank everyone who participated in the workshop. Check out more photos below:

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