COURTS Partners with Zyllem to Digitize its Logistics

COURTS, the largest electronics retailer in Singapore, has recently partnered with Zyllem to digitize its last-mile delivery operations in the country.

Established in Singapore in 1974, COURTS was first rooted as a furniture retailer in the United Kingdom. Now known as COURTS Asia Limited, it is a leading electrical, IT and furniture retailer in Southeast Asia with over 80 stores across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

As a dominant player in retail and technology, COURTS takes early notice of the technological shifts in the market. Likewise, it is quick to leverage on them as opportunities.

In 2012, COURTS renovated its first Megastore in Tampines. Since then, it has become a destination store that offers a whole new shopping experience with its experiential spaces, digital kiosks, immersive gaming zones, and other intuitive store features. In the same year, it relaunched its online store, which now offers more than 14,000 products.

This year, COURTS takes another forward-thinking strategy by investing in the digitization of its logistics operations through Zyllem. This new engagement is expected to bring improvements and great experiences to the company and to its customers. Once the implementation of Zyllem Enterprise comes full circle, it expects paperless transactions, optimized trucks and resources, enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, and ultimately, better customer experience.

Image courtesy of Digital News Asia

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