Zyllem: A Platform Beyond Track & Trace

While Zyllem takes pride in its ability to provide next-level tracking on your deliveries, track & trace is only one aspect of the platform.

Zyllem Enterprise allows you to have your own unique delivery processes. It doesn’t limit your processes within the confinements of the system; rather, it lets you customize and model your own processes into the system. Managing your logistics network is easier when you have the freedom to configure each segment of your delivery – your operators, SLAs, delivery assignments, the artifacts you collect as POD (proof of delivery), smart triggers (e.g., emails, SMS, and broadcasters), and more.

Aside from the ability to manage delivery tasks and collect artifacts, Zyllem can also measure your defined SLAs and tally up counters (e.g., count the number of delivery attempts). These data can serve as a valuable tool for you to get more insights on how to improve your overall operational efficiency by assessing your productivity, driver compliance, route efficiency, and asset optimization.

When put together, these capabilities simply give you the transparency and visibility you never had over your delivery processes. Ultimately, it helps you improve your service quality and enhance your customer experience.

In Asia Pacific, we find that while there are several logistics providers that offer their services at a low cost, they are often unable to provide enterprises with real-time access to data. This data includes comprehensive information generated by their logistics networks. This is something that Zyllem can provide. With Zyllem, you have access to data that goes beyond track & trace – it goes from when the orders are booked to when the deliveries are fulfilled, and then when artifacts are collected and insights are generated. On another hand, Zyllem acknowledges that this current ecosystem of logistics partners plays a crucial role for many enterprises today, to help them maintain sustainable cost on their products and service offerings. Therefore, as part of Zyllem’s license, your logistics partners can leverage on the tools and platforms that come with Zyllem Enterprise.

Zyllem Enterprise includes a web portal for managing and monitoring drivers and deliveries, and an ePOD solution via the Zyllem App for executing delivery tasks. Finally, Zyllem being a self-service platform, allows you to independently manage your logistics networks.

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