Don't Miss Our SPRING Program!

Our SPRING-Zyllem Program is coming to an end this month with only a few slots left.

Launched in October 2017, this program aims to help local SMEs in Singapore start the digitization of their logistics and supply chain. Small and medium enterprises can get 70% and large enterprises can get 30% subsidy from SPRING Singapore on their first-year subscription to Zyllem.

This program is one of the initiatives of Singapore government to build a Smart Nation while supporting local businesses through innovative solutions across different industries. Zyllem Enterprise was chosen as one of these solutions.

Zyllem will work hand-in-hand with participating companies to assess their current needs, understand their challenges, implement the solution, and provide support throughout the project.

The time to digitize is now! Find out how you can get started for as little as 5,225 SGD!

Contact Marco at or +65 6750 4997.

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