Digitization: More than just Automation

In our pilot programs with our enterprise customers, we witness how Zyllem Enterprise pioneers the digitization of their business processes. We also see how it makes a positive impact on their employees. Everyone in the logistics chain – from the operations managers to the customer service staff, warehouse clerks, and drivers – are appreciative to see their business workflows being automated. Because their workflows are automated and exceptions are handled by the system, they experience less interruptions as they fulfill their day-to-day responsibilities.

But the benefits of digitization extends beyond automation.Below are some of the immediate feedback we get from our customers after using the system:

More predictable and manageable operations

Real-time monitoring and end-of-day reports are a game changer for operation teams. In the past, determining the Delivery Success Rate can take a few days or even months. With Zyllem they can view this information in real-time through a dashboard in the Zyllem Enterprise Portal. They see the overall status of their daily operations which includes their completed, ongoing, and overdue deliveries to day. "Without Zyllem, we wouldn't know how many out of our 2000 deliveries were successful, rejected, or failed until the driver comes back at the end of the day or the next day", says one of the managers. As a result, if redeliveries are required on the next day, they would have to be managed at the last minute, thereby affecting the drivers' daily schedules and the overall operations capacity. Knowing the delivery success rate in real-time makes their daily operations more predictable and manageable. Proactive, rather than reactive measures can be done. Aside from viewing the overall status, managers can also generate customized daily or monthly reports with the latest information and drill down to each operator, driver or delivery order. All these can be done without having to wait for the driver to return to the warehouse, or the customer calling to complain.

Less time on support, more on productive work

While WhatsApp and Viber have served as helpful tools to keep everyone in the loop, group chats can often turn into a messy arena of information for all parties involved. For most of our pilot customers, their group chat includes end-customers, customer service, operation teams, drivers, managers, and principals. By handling information through group chat, they find that information can easily get lost, is hard to trace, and becomes more distracting than helpful. They spend duplicate efforts extracting these information and putting them into formal communication. Fortunately for Zyllem customers, these problems can now be scrubbed off by automated SMS and email notifications that can be configured in every step of the delivery process. Zyllem takes care of your exceptions by generating the applicable tasks and notifications to the right stakeholders so that your team can focus on their main responsibilities. Our customers like the fact that Zyllem gives them the foundation and flexibility of customizing systematic tasks and communications.

Manual work, a thing of the past

Many of our pilot customers have dedicated resources that spend an average of 5 hours a day just on data entry from locating the physical invoices, updating delivery statuses and generating reports. A single invoice data needs to be updated across multiple systems and reports. Plus, there are additional SOPs created to check the quality of the manual data entry. Employees are easily burned out, spending hours of their day doing data entry on top of their main responsibilities. Aside from employee satisfaction, imagine if your 2000 daily deliveries double, you will need to increase your resources resulting in additional overhead cost, which then results to... sustain the same price offering.With Zyllem, they are able to seamlessly extract information, generate reports, and automate status updates to external systems.

Better accountability and overall strategy

Our enterprise customers delight in things that they were not able to do before. To name a few things are measuring service quality, driver compliance, and operational SLAs. Furthermore, they can have full visibility by drilling down on detailed activity logs, access to artifacts collected during the delivery process to better handle disputes and better accountability. With Zyllem, information is centralized but segregated by roles and responsibility. This gives the enterprise the freedom to share information without conflict. During our pilot programs, we see that internal business units operate with less dependency among themselves, business workflows optimized, and accountability among the different parties more clearly defined.

Finally, employee satisfaction is indeed key to customer retention. One of the ways you can keep your employees satisfied is by providing them with the right tools for them to do their day to day work. With Zyllem, you can focus on your customers and meet your business goals without jeopardizing employee satisfaction.

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