WLNA Partners with Zyllem

Image source: WLNA

Zyllem is excited to announce its new partnership with Warehouse Logistics Net Asia (WLNA)!

WLNA is a leading logistics solutions provider in Asia that offers a complete and integrated suite of supply chain management services. Operating since 1999, WLNA has evolved to be Singapore's leading cold supply chain logistics company, serving a wide range of industries including food and beverage (F&B) and quick-service restaurant (QSR).

Mr. Karthegesan Bala, Chief Operating Officer of WLNA, graced us with an interview as he shared his thoughts about this new engagement. Below is a short snippet of the interview.

What moved WLNA's decision to digitize its logistics processes?

The business landscape is continually being disrupted by technology. WLNA believes in being at the cutting edge of technology to harness efficiencies and effectiveness. We believe strongly in continuous improvement. Digitalization helps interconnect business functions, processes, activities, assets, models, and activities seamlessly. Resources can be utilized in a better way. We believe that these measures will help deliver and create value for our customers, and allow us to retain our competitive advantage.

What are the current challenges of WLNA that you expect Zyllem to solve?

Zyllem can help us with gaining efficiencies by providing a platform to optimize our business processes. We believe that load and route aggregation are critical values for our customers. Information dissemination in real time is also a challenge with so many moving parts in place. On a wider scale, these efforts will help to reduce supply chain costs in the long term.

Given the platforms that are available in the market, why did you choose Zyllem?

Zyllem provides the platform and integration that we need. The team at Zyllem is also very dynamic and proactive, and have excellent customer management.

How do you see WLNA and Zyllem in the near future?

We see ourselves as a fully digitalized operation, providing real time management across the supply chain. Our business will provide customers with a complete solution with a high degree of customization. We will create value for our customers by enhancing the efficiency of their operations and ultimately delivering cost savings. Zyllem can help us achieve these goals with their knowledge, scalability, reliability and user friendliness of their system.

With WLNA starting its pilot program soon, Zyllem is eager to see the transformation in WLNA’s logistics operations and see it harness the benefits of Zyllem Enterprise.

From Team Zyllem to our partners at WLNA, here’s to success and a long-standing partnership!

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