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In the November 2017 edition of its news magazine, SPRING Singapore featured Zyllem with our very own CEO, Noam Berda and CCO, Marco De Lorenzo.

In the article, Noam shares his observations on the current logistics scenario. He states that manual processes such as using pen and paper are still very much part of the daily operations of some enterprises and logistics companies. Collaboration among parties within a logistics chain mostly happen via messaging services such as WhatsApp. Most supply chain networks comprise multiple parties but are unable to impose standards for them to follow. And that these inefficient processes can take a toll on the overall growth of a business.

Noam and Marco highlight that the solution is digitalization of one's entire distribution processes – one that Zyllem has been working on in the past years and officially launched Zyllem Enterprise in 2016. They gave a glimpse on how businesses can benefit from the software. One of these businesses would be Zuellig Pharma, a leading provider of healthcare services in Asia since 1922. Their services include distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical materials across the region. Zuellig has been using Zyllem since mid 2016.

In a nutshell, Zyllem Enterprise is described as a software solution that allows businesses to manage and connect their assets and delivery partners through one centralized platform. Auto-assignment of delivery jobs and the ability to "see" things as they happen every step of the way are two of its capabilities that give businesses visibility and control over their logistics operations.

In September 2017, Zyllem launched its SPRING Program as part of SPRING Singapore's Collaborative Industry Program (CIP) initiative. The program grants local SMEs a financial support of 30-70% for their first-year subscription to the software. Zyllem looks forward to partnering with the government on more initiatives that help provide new solutions and overcome challenges in the logistics industry.

View the full article by SPRINGnews here.

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