The Zyllem App

Zyllem Enterprise consists of the Zyllem Enterprise Portal that is accessible via web browser, and the Zyllem app that is available in iOS and Android versions. In this article, I will be giving you an overview of the Zyllem app.

While the Enterprise Portal allows you to manage and oversee your entire distribution network, the Zyllem app allows your operators and staff to perform delivery tasks on the ground. It is especially useful to drivers, warehouse clerks, and any user who take part in fulfilling your deliveries.

The Zyllem app fully reflects the delivery processes that are configured in your enterprise portal. All POD processes, user functions, and route optimization settings are weaved in to its workflow. This means that all fundamental elements that you see on the app are customizable — from button names, drop-down lists, forms, options, etc.

Apart from its messaging feature, and the user’s ability to get directions to a location, here are some of the cool features surrounding the Zyllem app:

Real-time synchronization with the Enterprise Portal

This feature allows the app to stay up to date with the latest information from the server. With an active internet connection, you don’t need to refresh the screen to check for any updates. These updates are instantaneously loaded into the app as soon as changes are detected, without user intervention.

Work in offline mode

The offline mode feature solves the data loss issues often faced by drivers who operate in remote areas or places with no internet connectivity. In which case, it caches all data that is associated to an action when a user performs a task through the app. Examples of these data are signature, photos, and any artifacts captured as part of a POD process. It also includes the geolocation and date & time when the driver performs the task, which are crucial to a his KPIs. Once internet connection is resumed, it syncs all data into the server.

Photo signatures as proof of delivery

For critical items that require a certain level of validation in its proof of delivery, you can turn on the photo-signature feature of the Zyllem app. As the name suggests, it takes a photo of the user while he signs on the app. Both the photo and the signature can then be viewed and downloaded as an artifact of that delivery order.

Use a barcode scanner

Barcode scanners help improve your overall operational efficiency. It not only saves time, it also reduces error. The Zyllem app is compatible with handheld Bluetooth scanners, and allows you to connect through quick and easy steps. Once connected, the user can scan an item to pull up its delivery order details or selects an action on the app (as if tapping on a button).

View sync progress

In connection to the offline mode feature, you can view the ongoing progress of the actions that were cached for completion. As a user, you can see the pending offline actions as well as their activity on the queue (i.e., waiting for location, queue, synching, and failed).

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