Kick Start Your Zyllem Adoption through SPRING!

SPRING Singapore, a government agency that promotes the growth of local companies, has launched an initiative to help them transform their logistics processes using Zyllem Enterprise. Zyllem Enterprise is a cloud-based logistics platform that allows enterprises to have full visibility and control over their logistics supply chain.

The SPRING Program is open to all small, medium, and large local enterprises. Retailers, distributors, e-commerce businesses and other interested companies can enjoy up to 70% subsidy for Zyllem's Starter Packages which runs for 12 months.

Success will be measured using the following quantifiable indicators:

  • Hours spent in distribution planning

  • Number of inquiries received by the customer service staff

  • Delivery window accuracy in hours

  • Number of manual exceptions handled

  • Hours spent to generate service quality and daily status reports

Here's a quick guide on how to apply to this program:

Zyllem's Go Live methodology includes assessment and requirements gathering, implementation, UAT & training, and Go Live. Participating companies will pay for the cost upfront and claim the subsidy back from SPRING Singapore.

To know more about this program or for any inquiries about Zyllem Enterprise, contact:

Marco De Lorenzo Co-Founder and CCO, Zyllem phone: ++65 6750 4997 email:

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