Bringing the Customer's Voice to the Product

by Linh Phan

At Zyllem, our passion for our product means that we are always keen to see how it is used in the field. Once we engage with a client and have understood their processes, we give them the opportunity to test the system out before rolling it out to all users. From an operations perspective, there may be exceptions that cannot be accounted for during User Acceptance Testing (UAT) but often provide invaluable information. Once the product hits the end users (e.g., dispatchers, drivers, etc.), we focus beyond their business requirements and ensure the users' voice are heard.

As part of Zyllem's Customer Success team, one of our key adoption measures is user feedback. It is through this information that we are able to improve the product, fix issues and ultimately evolve the product throughout the user journey. Although seemingly simple, such information can be quite difficult to ascertain, especially when there are language and cultural barriers as well as a wide spread of the overall user affinity to technology. Therefore in-field observations and analysis are crucial for the product to achieve a balance of being powerful for the enterprise, yet user friendly for a user to adopt.

While proper training and documentation are provided, Zyllem understands that the learning pace is not the same for all. It is for this reason that Zyllem is on site during UAT and Go Live, shadowing dispatchers and drivers to answer queries and ensure that they experience the full benefits of Zyllem. The power and simplicity of Zyllem will complement their day to day operations.

Once the user gets more familiar, we then encourage continual feedback on any issues that they feel can be improved. Things that may initially seem innocuous and mundane such as text size and bolding, colors and ordering are things that can only be spotted with continuous use and ones that we intend to address with software updates.

Ultimately, it is through user feedback from across the logistics network that enables Zyllem to continually develop a powerful yet sleek product that we hope will grow along with our partner's business.

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