Mixed Distribution Networks

by Noam Berda

A mixed distribution network comes into place when a company uses both its own assets and logistics partners to fulfill its logistics needs. For example, an e-commerce business uses its own vehicles to deliver items to the city center and uses a partner to deliver elsewhere; or an omni-channel retailer uses its own vehicles to deliver goods from its distribution center to its shops and a partner to fulfill its last-mile delivery from the shops to the consumers. Businesses today use this type of network because it helps them optimize asset utilization, expand coverage, and increase brand exposure. The challenge comes when multiple internal and external operators need to work together to achieve a streamlined process. Zyllem tackles this challenge by allowing enterprises to design, model, and operate such a complex network. One of Zyllem's core technologies is the Bridge, which brings together different operators under one streamlined process, allowing companies to overcome communication challenges and measure performance while achieving full transparency in a mixed distribution network.

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