How Zyllem Enterprise Works

A suite of intelligent features packed into one end-to-end solution.

Web Portal

snapshot of web portal with personalized logo (see sns) / user roles

Control Tower​


Your distribution network includes multiple parties — your business units, customer support, operations, and IT. The Control Tower lets you bring them together and function in one centralized platform through a customizable private web portal, with controlled access rights based on your configuration.

Allow your IT to manage access rights to the different parties in your distribution network.

Provide actionable insights to your Customer Support such as rerouting, real-time tracking, communication with operations, and more.

View and monitor all your operations in real-time on a single dashboard.


Configure a reporting framework to analyze current and historical data of orders, driver performance, monthly volume, success rate, and more.


Equip your employees and partners with tools that closes the gap between your customers and your distribution network.

The Bridge

Every business is unique and so is its distribution network. At the heart of Zyllem is the Bridge that lets you model your entire network and customize it to the details. In other words, it simply lets you configure Zyllem to fit your business — not the other way around.

Map ALL your logistics operators — your own assets and 3rd party partners — in one platform and get full visibility and control over them.


Configure cross-border and domestic delivery processes.


Standardize SLAs and define unique processes for each operator.


Customize status names, button names, etc., to fit your processes.


Set rules and triggers at any point of your delivery process — send an automated SMS when the calculated ETA is late, require e-signatures at a warehouse, and more.

snapshot of a bridge illustration

Warehouse -> Customer

(vector but realistic looking like this)

snapshot of the activity log, showing location accuracy, time difference, etc.

Intelligent Tracking with Insights

Your distribution network produces vast amount of data every day — are you making full use of it? Beyond real-time tracking, Zyllem converts your data into valuable insights to help improve your service quality, audit your network, and maximize your visibility on your operators.

Get real-time granular tracking as an item goes from one status to another. Zyllem takes “snapshots” of your items and records every action performed on it every step of the way.  


Get insights from tracking data — how early or late did the driver deliver arrive? How near or far was he from the expected location when he pressed a button on the app?


Configure multiple artifact requirements at any point throughout your delivery process such as e-signatures, photosignatures, customer satisfaction rating, and more.

Personalized Communications

Customer experience almost equates to how well you communicate with them. The Communications module keeps your customers informed by providing them with accurate and timely information, and connects the communication gaps among the different parties in your network.

Keep everyone informed. Enable open communication among your customers, drivers, 3rd party partners, customer support, and internal business units.

Send branded notifications, configure message templates and send customized notifications via web and app alerts, emails, and SMS.

Set communication triggers at any point of your delivery process. For example, send an automated SMS when the calculated ETA is late,an  email when the item reaches the warehouse, and more.

show comms module when you create a message template

Driver App

snapshot of dispatcher dashboard and driver app

Task System

Seamlessly bring your own assets into your network through the Task System. It includes a driver app and uses a task-based algorithm when assigning delivery jobs to your drivers, making it easy for you to digitize your processes and impose standards for your on-ground operations.

Enable your drivers and logistics partners with an iOS and Android app for fulfilling deliveries.

Use route planning and route optimization with support for rerouting and recalculation of ETA, and support for delivery windows.


Enable managers with a dispatching module for managing drivers and delivery tasks — assigning and re-assigning tasks, handling exceptions, manual route planning, and more.


Use Bluetooth scanners and label printers to improve overall operational efficiency.

Reduce logistics costs by up to 30%

Zyllem removes unnecessary layers within your distribution network by allowing seamless collaboration among your different local operators. This lets you achieve a fully-integrated network and consume different services from different operators at a local price — all while making your customers feel as if they’re one.

Minimize your dependency on a single partner

As your distribution network grows, the need to collaborate with more logistics operators is inevitable. Zyllem gives you maximum flexibility to add as many operators as you want — all while making your customers feel as if they’re one.

Enhance customer experience 

Your customers are key to your success. Zyllem lets you embed your customers into your distribution network and allows them to track orders, be informed of any change, and voice their feedback. With Zyllem, different operators in your network deliver a unified experience — making your customers feel as if they’re one.