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Zyllem. Your Logistics
Dream Come True

Zyllem is a state-of-the-art cloud-based software that allows you to manage and operate your entire logistics distribution network in a more efficient, simplified, and transparent way.

How Zyllem Fits in to Your Business

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Customize your processes

No need to disrupt your operations.

Zyllem allows you to configure your processes
to fit your business needs at any time.

A full range of customization capabilities enable you to be fully flexible every step of the way. 

Manage drivers and deliveries

Assign tasks in real-time and plan routes
on demand or in advance for efficient,
optimized distribution.

Zyllem makes use of optimization algorithms to improve the ETAs and accuracy in your
routing and delivery times. 

C Manage drivers and deliveries v4_edite
D Track the data v5_edited.jpg

Track the data

Manage your delivery orders and logistics operators, anytime and anywhere.

Zyllem lets you view all your operations in
real-time and explore insights on timing, location accuracy, driver performance and more,
all on a single dashboard.

Integrate with your systems


Zyllem works smoothly and seamlessly
with your existing apps and tools.

Our end-to-end solution includes a web portal
and mobile app, which are designed and developed for wide compatibility.

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Transform Your Logistics
Distribution Network

Ready to transform your logistics?

Equip your team with tools that transform the way they think and work.

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