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Zyllem TMS Transport Management System

Bringing Value
to Your Business

Our unwavering commitment to digital transformation has enabled our customers to enjoy a wide range of substantial benefits.

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Your Benefits With Zyllem

Elevate customer satisfaction, streamline your logistics network, reduce operational costs, and position your business for success with our comprehensive solutions.

route planning


  • Plan hundreds of delivery orders in minutes.

  • Supports location-based grouping, capacity planning, road restrictions & more.    

  • Optimized routes reduce driving times.

Planning time reduced by 85%


distribution logistics software


  • Boost inter-business efficiency.

  • Make informed real-time decisions. 

  • Shift from paper to digital documentation.

Distribution costs reduced by 50%

delivery management system real time transport visibility

30% more deliveries per day

  • Optimized routes and efficient planning.

  • Maximized vehicles and driver shifts.

  • Real-time notifications reduce failed deliveries.

real time transport visibility fleet scheduling system

  • Real-time status updates pushed back to ERP.

  • Auto-invoice directly to customers based on real-time ERP updates.

  • No more human errors and lost documentation.

Order-to-cash cycle reduced from 3-14 days to 0 days

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Manage all your 3PL partners, customer requirements, and the different delivery processes and segments of your distribution in one easy-to-use platform.


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