Frequently Asked Questions 
Here are the most common questions we receive, together with their answers. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer.

How is Zyllem Enterprise different from ePOD systems and other logistics platforms?

Zyllem Enterprise is BEYOND ePOD solutions. It lets you manage and control your entire logistics network from end to end, allows you to continue working with your logistics partners (without additional costs to them), gives you full customization capabilities at any point on your delivery process, and gives you the flexibility to change your processes without impacting your ongoing operations. Zyllem understands that customization is essential to enterprises, and that is exactly what we are offering.


  • Visibility across all logistics partners – see all delivery jobs and monitor all your logistics partners in one platform.

  • Customization at any point on your delivery process – configure different actions and rules for different logistics partners, at any point on your delivery process.

  • Real-time granular tracking with insights – configure multiple artifact requirements and view them in real-time along with activity logs and insights (e.g., actual versus the expected delivery time).

  • Flexibility without compromise – change business processes and rules at any time without disrupting your ongoing operations.

Do my logistics partners need to pay when they use Zyllem?

Zyllem’s end-to-end solution includes a web portal and mobile app for drivers. Your partners are free to use these platforms if you extend it to them to manage and fulfill your deliveries.

Who can access my web portal?

You can grant anyone including your partners access to your web portal. You can define roles for different business functions (e.g., customer support, warehouse staff, etc.) and define roles and permissions for each user within your network.

How many users can I grant access to my web portal?

There is no limit to the number of users you can grant access to your web portal.

Does Zyllem support voice navigation for drivers?

Zyllem mobile apps are integrated with Google maps, Apple maps, and Waze (under development), which have voice navigation features. Drivers will need to install any of these apps, and use the feature on the Zyllem app. This will open the driver’s default map app.

What infrastructure is Zyllem using?

Zyllem is hosted in Microsoft Azure with auto-scaling and load-balancing capabilities to ensure 24/7 availability. It is served over Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and all company and personal data (e.g., driver profiles, signatures, passwords, etc.) are encrypted.

Does Zyllem support route optimization?

Zyllem currently supports two types of route planning:

  1. Fixed routing based on your requirements and rules.
  2. Dynamic routing based on driving distance, delivery windows, and driver’s capacity.
You can tweak these routing algorithms or embed your own algorithm into it. Future enhancements are also under development (e.g., integrating Machine Learning that lets you compare learned actual versus planned delivery times using beacons to improve ETAs and accuracy in routing).

Can I configure cross-border (or cross-docking) delivery processes?

Zyllem supports cross-border processes and lets you configure roles and actions that are unique to it (e.g., return versus delivery, handling broken items, handling special items, etc.).

What artifacts can I gather as part of my POD process?

You can configure multiple artifact requirements throughout your delivery segments (e.g., photo sign, e-signature, etc.), and view these artifacts in real time.