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Zyllem. Bringing Value
to Your Business

We have helped our Customers gain a wide range of benefits.

Boost Your Customer Satisfaction

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Over 90% on-time deliveries

  • Real-time monitoring of driver routes and deliveries.

  • Optimized routes reduce driving times.

  • Digitized processes reduce manual paperwork.

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NPS scores increased by up to 200%

  • Real-time insights on service quality.

  • More on-time and reliable deliveries.

  • Real-time track and trace reduces customer calls.

Optimize Your Logistics Network
from Top to Bottom

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Planning time reduced by 85%

  • Plan hundreds of delivery orders in minutes.

  • Supports location-based grouping, capacity planning, road restrictions & more.    

  • Optimized routes reduce driving times.

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30% more deliveries per day

  • Optimized routes and efficient planning.

  • Maximized vehicles and driver shifts.

  • Real-time notifications reduce failed deliveries.

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Data entry time reduced from 3-5 hours to 0 hours 

  • Real-time digitization and synchronization of all data.

  • Real-time dashboard and reports.

  • Centralized platform for 3PLs and performance reporting.

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Order-to-cash cycle reduced from 3-14 days to 0 days

  • Real-time status updates pushed back to ERP.

  • Auto-invoice directly to customers based on real-time ERP updates.

  • No more human errors and lost documentation.

Cut Your Operational Costs

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Distribution costs reduced by 50%

  • No more middleman and increased efficiency across business units.

  • Proactive decisions on operations based on real-time monitoring.

  • Digitized data replaces all paper forms.


100% digitization of PODs

  • Zero paper used for delivery orders.

  • No more drivers’ route and expense logs.

  • No more Cash On Delivery (COD) logs.

Set Your Business Up for Success


Scalability and growth

  • Ease of use with self-service technology.

  • All-in-one platform allows seamless operations across business units.

  • No need for local logistics partners to buy technology.

  • Continuous product innovation to stay competitive.

  • Team can focus on transformation and efficiency.

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Choose a better way to serve your customers

Discover new ways that revolutionize your customer experience. 

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