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Please check these system requirements and scanner compatibility before using Zyllem

Minimum System Requirements

Web Portal (Enterprise Portal)


  • CPU: at least dual core 3.0 GHz (Quad core is recommended)

  • RAM: at least 4GB (8GB is recommended)

Browsers (generally compatible with all browsers)

  • Chrome 51.0 or higher

  • Firefox Mozilla 49.0 or higher

  • Microsoft Edge 11 or higher

  • Safari 11.0.3 

Zyllem App

NOTE: Huawei phones launched since May 2019 don't support Google Services which are required by Zyllem App. Please check with your IT administrator to ensure your device is supported.

Android  |  Download

  • Android v5.0 (Lollipop) or higher

  • Only downloadable on Google Play

  • Requires up-to-date Google Play Services

  • 2 GB RAM  

  • 16 GB internal storage 
  • Display size: 3.5 inches or bigger

  • Display resolution: 480x800 or higher

  • Front and rear cameras (required for some features)


iOS  |  Download

  • iOS 10 or higher

  • iPhone 6s or above (recommended)

  • Front and rear cameras (required for some features)

System requirements

Scanner Compatibility

Camera Scanners

Google Scanner  |  Go to website

  • Camera-based barcode scanning. No additional hardware 

  • License: Free

  • OS: Android only

Scandit  |  Go to website

  • Camera-based barcode and QR code scanning

  • License: Software license required

  • OS: Android and iOS

Phone Scanners

iData 50  |  Go to website

  • Large Screen Mobile Computer (with barcode and QR code scanner)

  • OS: Android only

Zebra TC25BJ  |  Go to website

  • Rugged Smartphone (with barcode and QR code scanner)

  • OS: Android only

External Scanners

TEEMI TMCT-10  |  Go to website

  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

  • OS: Android only

Using a different scanner? Ask Zyllem

Scanner compatibility
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