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Zyllem Enterprise

We at Zyllem understand the complexity that lies beneath your logistics network. Our goal is to provide you with a single platform that lets you manage, control, connect and visualize your entire distribution network and processes – bringing together your own assets and logistics partners locally and worldwide – to serve your customers better.

Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge

Map your entire distribution network consisting of multiple operators such as your own assets and 3rd party logistics partners across geographies. Define SLAs and standardise your delivery processes in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Task System

Task System

If you have your own assets as part of your distribution network, use deliveries Task System to plan, optimize, dispatch, control and solve exceptions with your own drivers. This includes a mobile app and supports the use of handheld scanners and label printers.



Connect with your 3rd party providers and embed them into your distribution network. Easily manage your partnerships and get visibility and control over your entire network, and measure and monitor its quality and SLA.



Keep your customers and distribution networks informed. Send delivery status updates, alerts and email notifications. Standardise and configure your communication channels, and customize your messages with your own brand.